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Let’s Stand With Each Other.

These are difficult times in the country for Muslims and Jews. We need each other. We need to stand with and for each other.

In these troubling times, when the religious pluralism we all value as Americans is being challenged, we all need to say, “No. Not here. Not now. Not ever.”


Inauguration Day 2017

Thoughts on What it Means to Be An American

While bomb threats come in, we can find comfort and strength knowing that we have people, all over the country and right here in our community, who are loudly saying that they choose to stand with us. I feel in my heart that we are very lucky to live in the United States of America, and I pray that it will continue to be a beacon of hope to others around the world.


Because Democracy Matters

It may not be a perfect system, but it is far and away the best our world has.

Democracy can be messy and divisive. But, as all our veterans know, and as I believe with all my heart, it is absolutely worth fighting for and protecting.


The Art of The Apology

Ryan O’Neal is well aware: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” But does it really?

The fact is that we need to say we’re sorry, and we need to say it often. And that’s what this day, Yom Kippur, is all about. Only when we seek and grant forgiveness can we feel the true holiness and glory of this holy season.


A Vision of Society

We have lost our national ability to engage in civil discourse. Let’s get it back.

We are ill-served and badly affected by a culture that values volume and bombast over reason and decency. We need a new vision to guide how we consider, perceive, and speak to the other, a vision we have as members of the Jewish community who are part of something noble and special.


Life Unexpected

What are we supposed to do with failed expectations and unplanned moments?

Our baby arrived six weeks early. Everyone told me that it was going to be fine. But I was afraid of things not going according to the plan.


Shabbat Morning @ Sholom

One of the wonderful parts of a community like Peninsula Temple Sholom is that we can offer our members multiple points of entry. No one way of doing anything works for everybody. Recognizing that no one type of service will meet all needs, we are trying something new this summer.